WG4-WG2 Workshop: Transient Sky with Gaia

The WG4-WG2 workshop will be in-person in Coimbra, PT, and will be held Oct 13 - 14, 2022

Deadline for abstracts: 31 August 2022

Deadline for on-site participation registration: 9 September 2022

Full details are available on the meeting webpage

Outline of the workshop

The main goal of this meeting is to discuss phenomena related to transient sky, in the framework of Gaia (ESA) data. Gaia mission is an all-sky survey, that has been obtaining multi-epoch data, with superb astrometry accuracy, for a range of objects, from solar system to extragalactic ones. Gaia mission can detect rapid to slowly transient phenomena, in scales of seconds, hours, weeks or years.

There will be presentations on Gaia mission updates, including the Gaia alerts and detection issues (models, calibrations, systematics). Scientific program includes sessions on regular variable stars, supernovae and local cosmology, tidal disruption events, gravitational wave events, AGN variability and its impact on the definition of the celestial reference frames. We will also discuss the synergies between Gaia and near future facilities like EUCLID (ESA), PLATO (ESA) and SKA Observatory.

Invited speakers: S. Barros, R. Beswick, F. Bianco , B. Bucciarelli , J. Brinchmann , A. Brown, L. Eyer , P. Hartley , S. Hodgkin , Z. Kostrzewa-Rutkowska, M. Marconi , N. Schoneberg, T. Wevers , L. Wyrzykowski


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