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Exploit the Gaia data in combination with other survey data (especially spectroscopic and infrared surveys) to address some of the most important questions in the formation and evolution of our Galaxy. These questions include the structure, star formation history, and dynamical evolution (both secular and by accretion) of the MW. The work will cover investigation of substructures, in the halo and the disk, such as streams, open and globular clusters, and the contribution of stars lost from these clusters to the field population of the Galaxy, the structure and dynamics of the bar/bulge region, the interstellar medium link. Develop novel data analysis techniques that will be of broader applicability.


  • WGT1a: Global structure and history of the MW including cluster formation and early phase dissolution, clusters as probes of the disk and halo formation history.
  • WGT1b: Synergies between ground and space based follow-up facilities and Gaia, and survey strategy requirements for upcoming spectroscopic and near infrared surveys.
  • WGT1c: Gaia Challenge, including development of detailed MW (chemo) dynamical models.

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020

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