WG5: Contacts

WG5 Lead: Sarunas MIKOLAITIS

Mailing list: https://lists.cam.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/ast-mwgaia-wg5


Develop and implement the Action Research Coordination Framework plans (RCO1/2), Training Plan, Impact and Inclusion Plan, Outreach and Dissemination Plan. Organise interaction with industry, with schools. Deliver the final Action deliverables and closing conference.


  • WGT5a: Deliver Action Impact, primarily through the generation of a science roadmap/case for sub-as astrometry in delivering (D5.6) the next advances in our understanding of the Milky Way. This key Action task is directly under the leadership of the Action Core Group.
  • WGT5b: Ensure the effective implementation of inclusiveness policies (e.g. location, gender, age) and the Action Inclusion and Impact plan.
  • WG5Tc: Coordination of the Action outreach and dissemination activities. This will include developing and implementing the Dissemination plan.
  • WGT5d: Training for the next generation of astrometry experts, with a priority focus on including ECIs from ITCs in training activities.

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