WG3 Workshop: Asteroids and Comets

The WG3 workshop will take place in person and online (Hosted by Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, FI): 28-29 September 2021.

Deadline for registration: see website

Full details are available on the meeting webpage

Outline of the workshop

Asteroids and comets are the key to the evolution of the Solar System. These small Solar System objects (SSOs) are being systematically observed, with unprecedented precision in photometry, spectroscopy, and astrometry, by the ESA Gaia Space Mission. The workshop will cover the synergies and challenges in the combination of the Gaia data and data from other sources, that is, from ground-based astronomical observations and space missions to small SSOs. The former include astrometry, occultations, spectroscopy, polarimetry, and photometry, whereas the latter include the high-resolution observations of asteroid Ryugu by the Hayabusa2 mission (JAXA), of asteroid Bennu by the OSIRIS-REx mission (NASA), and of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the Rosetta mission (ESA). How Gaia relates to future SSO space missions, such as DART (NASA) and Hera (ESA), Comet Interceptor (ESA), and Destiny+ (JAXA), will be addressed.

The workshop improves the understanding of the physics of small SSOs to draw inferences on their origin and formation. Topics cover, for example, exploitation of the extraordinary accuracy of, first, Gaia astrometry for orbit improvement, navigation to mission targets, and asteroid mass determination, and, second, Gaia photometry for the retrieval of asteroid phase curve parameters, shapes, and rotational characteristics. Tutorial sessions are organized using pre-recorded videos on data analysis techniques in astrometry and photometry, including applications of machine learning techniques to large samples of asteroid data.


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