WG3 School: Exoplanets and astrostatistical analysis techniques

The WG3 school (at the University of Geneva) will be held 12 - 16, September2022. Participation is in-person for this meeting.

Deadline for pre-registration: 15 June 2022

Full details are available on the school webpage

Outline of the School

Phd students in astronomy are invited to attend the Summer School on "Exoplanets and astrostatistical analysis techniques", sponsored by the MW-GAIA-COST Action and hosted by the department of astronomy at the university of Geneva, Switzerland.

The school will provide a state-of-the-art picture of the astrostatistical data analysis techniques in the field of exoplanet research. It will cover various modern techniques that are currently used to detect and characterize extrasolar planets, including the spectroscopic radial velocity method, the photometric transit method, the astrometric orbit detection method, and the direct imaging method. The astrometric method will become particularly relevant with the upcoming data releases of the Gaia space mission. The school will introduce the students to the relevant astrostatistical background given the particular noise properties of astrophysical datasets, as well as give them hands-on experience with real and synthetic datasets. Participants will learn the limitations of each method and the biases it introduces in the derived sample of exoplanets. The students will have the opportunity to discuss all of these topics with world experts in the field.


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