WG2/WG3 Workshop: Frontiers of Stellar Physics: the Theory-Observation Interface

The first WG2/WG3 workshop will take place in Zagreb, HR: 21-23 January 2020.

Deadline for registrations is: 8 December 2019

Full details are available on the meeting webpage at https://www.mw-gaia.org/participate/zagreb-wg2/

Outline of the workshop

The recent data releases by the European Space Agency's Gaia survey reinvigorated the interest in stellar physics. Gaia's state-of-the-art astrometry and photometry combined with contemporary spectroscopic surveys and high-cadence photometric space missions allow stringent tests of the stellar evolution, pulsation and population synthesis models.

The aim of this workshop is to address the open questions related to the uncertainties in the theoretical models through a comparison with the observational data. The topics of the workshop include:

  • Population synthesis: simulations of star counts, dependence on the uncertainties of the stellar models
  • Stellar rotation: effects on the stellar evolution
  • Stellar pulsations: comparison between the observational values and the theoretical light curves, luminosities, ages and colour
  • High-cadence space missions: combining the Kepler, TESS and PLATO missions with Gaia and spectroscopic surveys to lift the degeneracies and provide key modelling parameters
  • Spectroscopy: obtaining atmospheric parameters as a key ingredient of the models; Gaia benchmark stars
  • Stellar ages : uncertainties in the models and their impact on the determination of ages
  • Asteroseismology: importance of obtaining dynamical masses
  • Distance scale: systematic errors in the determination of the distance scale as a result of the theoretical assumptions, ultimately affecting the determination of the Hubble constant

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