MW-Gaia / GREAT / Gaia Symposium (S3) at EAS 2023

Gaia: The (TWO) Billion Star Galaxy Census: The Magic of Gaia DR3

The next Gaia/GREAT/MW-Gaia plenary convenes at the EAS 2023 meeting in Krakow as:

Symposium 3 : Gaia: The (TWO) Billion Star Galaxy Census: The Magic of Gaia DR3 (10-11 July 2023) - see

Our symposium outline programme is:

  • Gaia DR3: Highlight Science including a review of recent major science highlights in the Gaia DR3 release and an early look at the new Gaia Focused Product Release.
  • Gaia / GREAT/MW-Gaia / Gaia Unlimited Status
  • Gaia EDR3/DR3: Highlight Science (The Milky Way as a Galaxy)
  • Gaia EDR3/DR3: Highlight Science (The Birth, Life and Death of Stars)
  • Gaia EDR3/DR3: Highlight Science (from Solar system to reference frames)
  • Gaia networking and ground based synergies with Gaia
  • Lunch session with an update on the Gaia Archive, and update on the ESA Voyage 2050 L mission concept (GaiaNIR), and also an opportunity for poster presenters to deliver a 'lightening' talk of their (e-)poster.

As in previous Gaia/GREAT symposia at EAS/EWASS meetings, we’ll aim to devote most of the symposium time to contributed talks, so please do submit an abstract.

Take a look at the presentations from our symposium at last year’s EAS 2022 - see - this year we’ll follow a similar concept and will include a set of ePoster lightening presentations for at least some of the eposters. This will take place during the lunch session on Mon 10 July 2023.

We’ll be putting upon the talks after the meeting on the wiki page at

Please do register - - early registration runs to 30 Apr 2023, and regular registration till 9 Jul 2023.

Abstracts can be submitted at - closing date 8 March 2023 - so not so long now!

Finally, the meeting is planned to be an in person event and in principle you’ll need to be at the meeting to give your presentation. I think the meeting will be very exciting, so hopefully as many of you as possible can get there.

This year, our symposium will also be available via the virtual platofrm so virtual participation should also be possible.

Also, there are opportunities for support through the MW-Gaia programme, especially if you are located in an ITC- see for details.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Krakow in July 2023.

Yours, Nic Walton (on behalf of the EAS 2023 Symposium 3 SOC).


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