MW-Gaia / GREAT / Gaia Symposium (S15) at EAS 2021

Gaia: The (TWO) Billion Star Galaxy Census: The Science of EDR3 and the promise of DR3

Registration and Abstract submission is now open for the EAS 2021 meeting 28 June - 2 July 2021 - see

As part of this - we have a two day MW-Gaia / GREAT/ Gaia Symposium - 28+29 June 2021 - see

The outline programme for the two days is:

• Gaia EDR3: Highlight Science
• Gaia / GREAT/MW-Gaia / Gaia Unlimited Status
• Gaia EDR3: Highlight Science (The Milky Way as a Galaxy)
• Gaia EDR3: Highlight Science (The Birth, Life and Death of Stars)
• Gaia EDR3: Highlight Science (from Solar system to reference frames)
• Gaia networking and ground based synergies with Gaia
• Lunch session with an update on the Gaia Archive and also an opportunity for poster presenters to deliver a 'lightening' talk of their (e-)poster.

As in previous years (see for instance the programme and talks from our Symposium at the EAS 2020 meeting - our programme will consist largely of contributed talks. We encourage you to submit your abstract for the meeting, abstracts from early stage researchers especially welcome.

Abstract deadline is 2 March 2021 - so that isn’t too far away - - make sure you submit to Symposium S15.

The payment deadline for attendance is nearer the meeting date, hence do aim to submit an abstract.


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