WG3: Contacts

WG3 Lead: Joris DE RIDDER

Mailing list: https://lists.cam.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/ast-mwgaia-wg3


Improve our understanding of the conditions in the proto-solar nebula and its evolution by using the asteroid population. Improve our understanding of planetary system architectures and formation. Plan the foundations for future asteroid surveys, based on Gaia data. Use of Gaia for astrometric detection of planets. Use of Gaia for transit (photometric) detection of planets and characterisation of the planet host stars.


  • WGT3a: Solar system, planets, asteroids and comets.
  • WGT3b: Exoplanets.
  • WGT3c: Exoplanet environments, stellar properties from asteroseismology and local chemistry

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020

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