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Workshop Overview

To mark the beginning of the new COST action, we are holding a 3 day workshop in Cambridge

The format will be reviews and contributed talks, together with break-out sessions to tackle problems.

The days are focussed around problems, in which we wish to make progress during the meeting.

3rd September 2019, The Galactic Bulge and Bar (Coordinator, Jason Sanders): What is the structure of the Galactic Bulge/Bar? What is the pattern speed? How do proper motions change our understanding of the X-shaped structure or the high velocity peaks? What is the role of ages and chemical data in the modelling ?

4th September 2019, The Galactic Disk (Coordinator, Justin Read): What is local dark matter density ? How should the kinematics of the local disk be modelled ? What is the origin of the phase space spiral (the Gaia snail) ? What is the role of mergers ? What are the mechanisms that drive the warp and bending modes in the disk?

5th September 2019, The Galactic Halo (Coordinator, Wyn Evans): What are the best statistical measures of substructure in configuration/phase space to describe the clustering in the stellar halo and disk ? What physical processes are imprinted in the correlation functions ? How should the data be compared to simulations ? What is the mass of the Mily Way, and its escape speed ?

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 45 participants.

Location and Dates

The workshop will be held at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge. Location details available at

The workshop dates are 3-5 September 2019
The meeting will start at 09.00 on Tues 3 Sep and close around 16.00 on Thurs 5 Sep 2019.


The full programme (v20190902 - latest version) is now available in this pdf

Invited Speakers

  • Day 1: Christopher Wegg (Nice), Francesca Fragkoudi (Munich)
  • Day 2: Chervin Laporte (Victoria), Sofia Sivertsson (Stockholm), Misha Haywood (Paris)
  • Day 3: Sergey Koposov (Carnegie Mellon), Lachlan Lancaster (Princeton)
  • List of Participants


    Registration closed on Sunday 14 July 2019.
    Note that there is no registration fee to attend this workshop.

    Support to Attendees

    There is some funding available to support participant travel and accommodation costs. Our MW-Gaia Action is following the COST organisation's inclusiveness policies - see - and will evaluate requests for support against these criteria and the applicants statement as to why their attendance at the workshop will be beneficial to them and/or the other workshop participants.

    When registering participants are asked to indicate if they wish to be considered for financial support. If so they need to attach a short 200 word giving an indication of their research interests and why attendance at the workshop will be beneficial to them (and/or the other attendees of the workshop).

    Local Cambridge Information

    Meeting attendees are asked to arrange their own accommodation. Useful accommodation information can be found at and

    Page updated: NAW/ 20190815


    Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline: Sun 14 Jul 2019.

    Key Dates

    • Deadline for funding support applications: Sun 14 Jul 2019
    • Registration Deadline: Sun 14 Jul 2019
    • Feedback to those requesting financial assistance: Thu 18 Jul 2019.
    • Publication of Programme: Weds 24 Jul 2019.
    • Workshop: 3-5 Sep 2019. The meeting will start at 09.00 3 Sep and end 16.00 5 `Sep 2019. (All times local).


    • SOC Chair: Wyn Evans (IoA, Cambridge)
    • Vasily Belokurov (IoA, Cambridge)
    • Alis Deason (University of Durham)
    • Despina Hatzidimitriou (University of Athens)
    • Semyeong Oh (IoA, Cambridge)
    • Justin Read (University of Surrey)
    • Jason Sanders (IoA, Cambridge)
    • Eugene Vasiliev (IoA, Cambridge)

    Code of Conduct

    • All meeting attendees will be expected to abide by the meeting code of conduct which will be published here.

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