MW-Gaia Year 2 Activities

The MW-Gaia activities (schools, workshops, exchange visits, etc) are being planned for the coming second year of the network (to Apr 2021). See the Participate pages for details.

MW-Gaia will support a number of schools, workshops and exchange visits in its second year (May 2020 to Apr 2021).

Current provisional planning has all the face to face meetings taking place in the period January to March 2021 - this reflecting the current situation of Covid-19.

The first call for short term exchange visits will probably open soon, to allow for exchange visits to occur later in 2020 (as travel restrictions across Europe at least are now starting to ease, with the reduction in number of cases of Covid-19 in most European countries).

More information will be published on these pages, and circulated via the MW-Gaia maling lists. Please signup to those if you haven't already done so.


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